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Debt Capital

Stanton has a creative and diligent approach to sourcing debt financing for our clients, including long-term acquisition financing, permanent financing, bridge financing, recapitalization financing, construction financing, renovation/rehab financing. Stanton has strong relationships with a vast array of capital sources including: local, regional, nation-wide and international banks, life and property/casualty insurance companies, Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) lenders, Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) sources, pension funds, private family offices, Agencies (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac ..), Public REITs, Private REITs, private lenders, and hedge funds. With this portfolio of capital sources, Stanton is usually able to source capital that meets our client's target capital structure and weighted average cost of capital.  

Structured Finance

Stanton has deep expertise in developing structured debt and preferred equity solutions. Structured debt options can optimize the capital structure by increasing leverage and decreasing the overall cost of capital, enabling the sponsor to retain more upside with less equity invested in the deal.

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Equity Placement

Stanton's equity financing business is based on a high level of trust with our capital sources. The equity placement process starts with an in-depth underwriting of the deal and analysis of the market to ensure that the deal can achieve the sponsor's stated return metrics. 

Through our relationships with institutional investors, family offices, private equity firms, high net worth individuals & others, Stanton can provide its clients with the equity needed to move the deal forward.

  • LP & GP Equity

  • Preferred Equity

  • Joint Venture

  • Private Equity

Special Situations

Stanton's special situations business includes financing non-standard commercial and residential assets and portfolios with unique capital structures that meet our client's requirements. This could mean financing an acquisition of a portfolio of short-term/vacation rentals with a multi-tier capital structure that includes Senior and Mezzanine Debt with JV and Co-GP equity or helping a client finance a  portfolio of 100+ Single-Family Rentals that all need significant CAPEX for renovations. 


Regardless of the asset, configuration or market, Stanton's Special Situations business combines experience gained from our other businesses to craft unique and innovative solutions. 

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